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Love and Work

Do you love the work you do?

Or does it feel like a slog, an endless grind that you go through day after day?

Are you absolutely in love with doing what you do. even when it involves things that are difficult?

Do you love making a difference in the lives of others, your boss, co-workers, customers?

An entrepreneur that truly loves what they do is a formidable competitor in any market. Now more than ever, we crave the personal touch. In a world of automated voices, chatbots and self-service, the personal touch holds a power of its own. The entrepreneur that loves the work they do, brings into the business they are building.

1.  Smile

It is far easier to smile at each person that comes through the door, when it comes from the heart and not because a customer service workshop taught you to do it.

2. Pride

When an entrepreneur loves their work, they personally take pride in the products they create for the customer. It does not matter whether it is hand made or running of a factory conveyor belt. The entrepreneur wants their product to reflect their best intentions.  

3. Care

There is a vast difference between delivering a service, collecting the money and moving to the next customer and delivering a service with care. When you are emotionally invested in the work, you strive to deliver the service with the utmost care. 

4.  Customer experience

The entrepreneur that loves their work, wants the best experience for the customer. They are honestly  concerned about their customers experience of their store, their website, their staff, their product and the service.  It matters.

5. Conflict

Where there is love, conflicts are resolved from a place of goodness for each other. The entrepreneur is open to the customer feedback. They actively engage and respectfully resolve conflicts. Ultimately, they keep the relationship intact for a future sale.

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heart, love, sunset

Love and Work

Do you love the work you do? Or does it feel like a slog, an endless grind that you go through day after day? Are you absolutely in love with

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