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Powerful Execution

Starting a business comes with never ending obstacles on the path. For example, has this ever happened in your business:  You are passionate, ethical and competent. You are working hard. Yet when you meet potential clients, they constantly, doubt you and the business. Despite your best efforts, the potential client

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10X Value

Imagine  You leave a comfortable job to start a business. Your boss discourages you from doing it. You start the business from your garage. Nobody knows your business. You work really hard at building it. You employ staff. You move to bigger premises. You bring investors on board. Over time,

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Financial freedom

What does financial freedom mean for an entrepreneur? From experience working with entrepreneurs, they often mention having lots and lots of money, never having to work again (unless they want to) and not worrying about money in their life. There is no universal meaning of financial freedom. Rather there are

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Fixated on funding

We were working with a talented, amazing entrepreneur in the township. He found an opportunity in the local community, started the business in 2015 and grew a loyal customer base over time. By 2021, he had completed several SMME development programmes, garnered media attention and was poised to grow the

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Cash future

  Over the years, having trained, mentored and supported entrepreneurs throughout the country, I regularly find they have an all consuming relationship with cash (or the lack of it) in their business.  Cash flow Simplistically, if the cash coming into your business is less than the cash going out, you

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Catch me if you can

Con-artist The title of this post was inspired by the movie, Catch Me If You Can,  a biographical film about the life of Frank Abagnale.  He was a con artist, posing as a pilot, doctor and other roles, issuing fake checks for services. The movie follows the FBI agent chasing

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