chart your path entrepreneur briefingS

In any situation, there’s always something you can do. I’ve always thought getting funding would be hard and I didn’t really know much about business and I’ve never been exposed or even attended workshops about entrepreneurship but this briefing changed my perspective.

(F Mogano)

The experience of sitting in a boardroom and talk about business
Very informative and participation of other entrepreneurs
(N G Masondo)

Thank you for the opportunity. I have a lot and looking forward t start my own company , hopefully by May
(M Ledwabe)

I have learn that you must be faithful and you must no that sometime you win and sometimes you loose
(M Montsha)

Attending these sessions keeps me focused on my idea. Productive workshop always.
(Y Sheik)

We are not alone in our entrepreneurship journey
(A Sheik)

How I was looking at my business before I came here and now I feel there is so much I need to work on especially myself as a owner
(M Masipa)

I enjoyed your passion for what you you do. I need to think of where I want to get to. Great presentation – lots of motivation, lots of passion.
(R Dowram)

The entire briefing was well researched and presented with integrity. (E Rajesh)

Real concepts and examples that I identify with. Easy to understand and follow. Get more of my team to attend the next session and carry out some of teachings.
(L Naidoo)

Inspirational talk and motivation towards my business. I can face my challenges as any challenge in business have been solved. Nothing is impossible. Focus on the youth and providing talks like this to uplift and provide them with ideas and motivate them.

I learnt a lot from this briefing and fully understand with marketing issues.
Every interesting, motivating and learning different things about business
(M N Mpofu)

Thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. It was easy to understand and the presenter was well prepared
(I Mafavuke)

I feel more confident, I know what and where I need to improve on. Thank you, Yusuf for this event, we have gained so much information related to our business. You ae the great speaker.
(L Mthembu)

The workshop was very informative. I managed to pick a lot of ideas relating to how to become a successful entrepreneur
(T Cmaure)

Great platform you are providing for the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Will definitely be part of the movement.
(T Mokubetsi)

This workshop can help a lot of people around Soweto as much as on planning of starting
(N P Swekile)

I’ve gained a lot of information that I didn’t understand before this session. I now know how to market your business. The session was fruitful and the information was easy to understand
(T Nelwamondo)

Can we have this workshop quarterly or monthly if possible. I benefitted a lot from the workshop. My business is not running yet. But the session was an eye opener for me learning different views/ideas from the team                                                                                        (M Mbumbe)

Gives me the confidence to try and venture into entrepreneurship as an alternate way to grow my money
(N Asmal)

Im motivated to find customers (paying) focusing on a specific target group.  Thank you for making your knowledge, time and skills available
(B Mojo)

I have realised during this time is that I need to aggressively focus on marketing
(A Mutamani)

What I liked most about this briefing
The engagement of the presentation
The efficiency of the presentation
The simplicity of the presentation
(L Nkosi)

Most important lesson was on alignment on your business and the need to fully commit or go home. Interactive, well planned and information driven.
(N O Peter)

Builds and strengthens self confidence and have been made aware that every challenge has a solution
(M Boshomone)

It unpacks the challenges that an entrepreneur face and that there are solutions. The workshop was very insightful. Thank you.
(A Monama)

That I have been approaching the plan for our idea wrong.  It was fun, eye opening and also made me realise that we need to be patient for our business/idea.
(B Bapela)

Enjoyed the workshop and would like to implement the information on my business
(J Carrim)

Entire presentation: exciting. New hopes for achieving goals/visions. Peace of mind to know assistance is available to walk the right path
(J Smith)

I learnt that we need to be patient with our business. Finding with your path
(B Makamo)

Develop a sustainable model to run the organisation. A reminder that I need to up my game
(L Sigaban)

The advise is very practical. I realise I need help and therefore need to take action.
(Y Mutonsi)

It inspires one to move forward with ones business. I am always motivated by Yusuf’s input, he always just knows exactly what ones business needs to move forward. Its always a pleasure to listen to Yusuf and he always there for our business he keeps in touch even long after our meeting
(C Twynham)

Positive energy, fast and clear explanation of the topic. Valuable thoughts and words
Great work keep spreading the love
(N Abdelmalek)

I would love to attend other workshop of Mr Yusuf again and work with him
(L Nthpi)

This has helped me in clarifying what I want to do and how I can structure it. It has motivated me to not just plan but take action.
(R Seshoka)

Feeling motivated to take strong action
(W Davison)

Great session, inspiring business startups to succeed.
(S Nondonga)

The workshop really gave me the motivation to go ahead with my idea to start my own business with immediate effect. It gave me the confidence that everything is possible.
(S Maistry)

Thank you so much for a lot of insight and clarity on this topic.
(A Basson)

The content of the meeting
The presentation
The atmosphere environment
(N Ncongwane)

It take passion and dedication to invest in any business. It opened my blindness to start putting more action and focus to opportunities. My expectations were met and it has awakened the action orientated lad in me
(T Sekgwela)

Thank you for the session. Was open minded conversation especially Knowing how to find your path. Ways of expanding the briefings outside of GP. Mpumalanga is where we come from
(N Shabangu)

Xpert advice. Easy conversation. Insightful information in easy way
(T Mabagoane)

Happy to have gained new information abiout startups that I did not know before. A very useful briefing
(A Nare)

I enjoyed the session and the information showed, found them helpful for one who is planning to start his business
(Colin L)

The workshop was relevant and was conducted well.
(M Mainga)

The briefing made me realise that starting a business its not an easy thing. A person need knowledge that I need to know which game I am playing and being content.
(O Tumetumo)

Informative, to the point
(H Jade)

Clear practical examples, simplicity, clear information about how to think about your business
(F Ledwaba)

I learn about sharing different ideas about how to start business
(A Malungawe)

It was on point and very exciting information I got.
(L Shabie)

Networking. Professional expertise. Very interactive
(S Maharaj)

Information sharing, networking opportunities and diversity of entrepreneurs
(L Mathebula)

Planning, pragmatic approach to entrepreneurship and the reality of setting up business…time well spent
(B Dzawoma)

Provided great insights in a simple and understandable way. It was interesting, encouraging & informative. Diversity of industries and people, hearing these perspectives. Need to consistently take steps and action ideas
(L Windway)

This attending changed my thinking of running my day to day business
(M Mpofu)

Before I attended the briefing, I was very negative & thought is it the right thing. Leaving the briefing, I feel so much more positive and looking forward to the next chapter
(F Paulsen)

Feeling more positive. It was very insightful.
(E Allie)

Yusuf is so keen in educating the group. The group is small and engaging. I felt lonely and lost but now I am more confident to go after the idea I had
(G Iwenopu)

Inspiring, informational. I appreciate the briefing
(R W)

Openness, networking opportunity, the steps to make my business work
(J Carrim)

Realistic steps between where I am and where I want to go. Listening to other people ideas/challenges. Gave me hope to continue. I can reevaulate the barriers I thought were there in my business idea
(Y Sheik)

I am not alone and there’s help out there. I used to think that there are excuses as reasons for failure, but I now I know I have to invest in efficiency and effectiveness
(R Seabela)

Sharing, informative and the fact that we may come from a different point. Team effort can help progress
(S Allie)

I need to “get out” there a bit more to get to where I want to be
(J Naidu)


I think am able to re-visit or restructure how my business should be and taking the reality of the path of the journey. Thank you for sharing and recharging our path to grow in business especially beginning for the year
(Z Ntuli)

After the briefing I have a bit more direction regarding the next steps that I need to take in my business
(M R Gangat)

I think this was an excellent briefing. This session has taught me a lot on how to start up a business and what steps to follow.
(S Ebrahim)

I am more clear on what path I need to take and understanding challenges to find the strengths to push on. I really enjoyed the workshop. It was very informative, stimulating and assuring that we should never give up.
(N Zuma)

Very welcomed. I learnt a lot about my challenges, access to market and how you took Wenzel story. Thank you very much, I would like to walk this path with you as an entrepreneur.
(K Mahlasela)

Thank you Yusuf for a very insightful talk, making me more conscious of the path I need to follow and where to go to get help along that path
(A Monama)

It was very intimate and informative. I need to reflect on my path, am I in a right business
(N Mirandah)

chart your path finance professionals (saica)

I attended the “Chart Your Path” session presented by Yusuf. I found it very valuable, as it provided me with insights into the future of our profession. It provided me with tools to plan ahead and take the required steps now to achieve the desired results for my practice. I recommend all finance professionals attend and benefit from this session.
(Mohamed Goga, Director M Goga Chartered Accountants)

Huge gratitude Yusuf – you have especially generous with your time, ideas and guidance. Members shared really positive feedback.
(Bronwyn Branders, Services Manager SAICA)

Thank you for facilitating our workshop which was labelled as huge success… The workshop overall rendered positive response and was truly and enjoyable experience. With regards to your ratings as a speaker, you were scored a phenomenal 94%
(SAICA Eastern Region)

workshops for city of jhb (epwp)

Thanks very much Mr Yusuf, we benefited a lot from that program. from that time our coop is doing okay. we just hope we will meet again because there is still to learn from you Sir. thanks.
(Solly Sambo, Green basisa multi cleaning coop,Secretary Board Of Directors)

Yusuf is a very articulate coach who does a great job of motivating young people to become innovative business people!
(Mahlomola ,Maroba,Mela Agricultural Holdings (Pty) Ltd, Director)

linkedin reviews (various)

Yusuf has endless knowledge on Business Consulting. Yusuf has provided me with advice, support and feedback on my career. I would highly recommend Yusuf to anyone who requires assistance in their careers.
(Kealeboga Alfred,Raphuti,Botswana Government,Risk Officer)

Yusuf is an experienced expert in finance and has worked with SMEs for a while. I attended a week long training where he facilitated and assisted me (and other SME company owners) in analysing the financial status of our businesses and provided strategies on how to improve or revive our businesses. I highly recommend him individually and/or his company on any finance related advice or mentoring. His programme is flexible and can be adapted to your needs as any level. Ever since i attended his course i see my business in a different light. I think I am wiser!
(Mmapeu Manyaka,Kwano Consulting,Managing Director)

I attended yusuf’s chart your path for entrepreneurs program and it was truly empowering. He is an expert who knows what he is doing

Yusuf has a passion for making a positive difference in people’s lives. As an author, social entrepreneur and speaker, he has the ability to influence perceptions, thinking and attitudes in creating mindset shifts that benefit entrepreneurs. Yusuf is sincere in his endeavours and always and is a remarkable example of someone who has the ability to come up with solutions that address everyday entrepreneurial issues. He is motivating, mature, has a high degree of empathy and absolutely amazing to work with. I look forward to working more closely with Yusuf over the shorter to longer term.

(Dirusha Ganapathy Juta,Beyond Transform,Founder and Managing Director)

Yusuf Mahomedy is passionate about SMEs and entrepreneurs. I have worked with Yusuf since 2009. He is a regular contributor to the SME Toolkit South Africa, as well as an accredited trainer. Yusuf has facilitated many training workshops for us. I commend Yusuf for the incredible work he is doing to develop and encourage our country’s small and medium entrepreneurs.”
(Petro Bothma,Business Partners Limited,Group Enterprise Development Manager)

Yusuf is a dynamic individual whom seeks the best of breed and products for his clients and alliance partners. He is hard working and constantly evolving to meet the needs of his patrons. His work is professional, immaculate and he always meets his targets.
(Adrian,Maloney,Joe’s Spaza Technology (PTY) LTD, Founder)

Yusuf has a great sense of Hr and how to deal with this aspect in SMME’s,
(Cassim,Nakkooda,Department of Tourism,Director: Capital Incentives)

Just keep going Africa needs more like you and we are grateful to be mentored by you!,
(Nong Serote (MBA),Maetane Energy (Pty) Ltd,Chief Executive Officer)

Yusuf has a good knowledge of business and ways of improving businesses, I have gained a lot from his workshops.
(Thulani Kunene,Kunene Printer Support,Managing Director)

Yusuf has endless knowledge on Tax and Business Consulting. Yusuf has provided me with tremendous advice, support and feedback on my business and my career. I would highly recommend Yusuf to anyone who requires assistance in their careers / businesses.
(Jitesh,Singh,Standard Bank Group,Finance Business Partner)

Yusuf helped me put things relating to my business into proper perspective and that has helped gain more confidence in presenting my business and service to a wider audience with ease and precision. Time spent with Yusuf added value to my business and for that I am grateful to him.,
(Makhosi Calinda Lehari )

Yusuf Mahomedy is the greatest support when it comes to building one as an entrepreneur, giving guidance in business and getting you up and close with networks in your field. His expert approach and guidance is driven by his dedicated approach to see you succeed.
(Rivian Singh,Aspen Pharmacare,Commercial Services Manager)

Yusuf is one of the best speakers I have listened too and he is frank, direct and makes you take stock of reasons why you went into business or why you want to go into business. I would recommend anyone thinking of starting a business to attend one of his workshops.
(Martin Brian,Radebe,Zano’s Tours & Airport Transfers,Managing Member)

Yusuf is intelligent and passionate about his craft. He is an expert in his field and I highly recommend him.
(Lawrence,Umukoro,MailSecure & Encryption Services (Pty) Ltd.,Shareholder)

Yusuf you have help me identify myself and my business
(Auxilia Maomela,DVT,BI Consultant: Data Analytics)

I was highly impressed by the Wealth, Profit & Cash Seminar founded and presented by Yusuf Mohamedy. He displayed unmatched wisdom that was relevant, interesting and personalised and which demystified the world wide business web
(Zainub,Gaffoor,Blue Turtle Technologies,Consultant)

I attended the SME career session which Yusuf held in Cape Town. It was very informative and energising, especially for those who have started SMEs or in the process thereof. Highly recommended.
(Gail Daniels,Gail Daniels,Industrial Psychologist)

Yusuf has a very good idea of how to challenge the norm. His presentation at the Iplex was informative and motivating.
(Dirk Kotze,Oxford University Press,Finance Director – Africa Region)

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Yusuf on a couple of projects now and my first impressions have been proven right. Yusuf is not only passionate about entrepreneurship, but he clearly has the knowledge and experience to back this up. His enthusiasm for SMME development is both admirable and infectious. I would reccommend Yusuf and his work/learning products without hesitation.
(Rene Hicks,Freelance,”Freelance Writer, Editor and Training Facilitator)

Yusuf is a master strategist, advisor and a work radical and entrepreneural expert of the highest calibre!
(Avzal,Ismail,Pretoria ,Professional Musician)

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