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Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others  (Jonathan Swift)

Start with a Vision

If you want to start any business or build an existing business, start with a vision. An entrepreneur with a compelling vision; is a Leader. Its’ the reason why we have so few Leaders and so many Followers in society. The entrepreneur with a vision provides others with a picture of what the future could look like and makes the path worth it for them.


  • “A computer on every desk and in every home” (Bill Gates)
  • Making a difference for the underdog  (Virgin)

Why Entrepreneurs don’t have Vision

There are 5 key reason why many entrepreneurs don’t have a vision for their business:

  • They don’t consider themselves as founders of anything
  • They are so fixated on short term challenges, they can’t imagine the long term 
  • They are unwilling to really think about why they are in business & what they want to achieve for their customers
  • They are too busy working in their business, not on their business

Get this right and your business is already ahead of the competition.


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