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The Path is Personal


At the heart of any small business, is the entrepreneur (thats YOU 🙂

When working with entrepreneurs, I’m am acutely aware at every step that we are talking about your vision, your wealth, and your business. 

Your path is personal. And while entrepreneurs may share similar obstacles on the path, it remains a deeply, personal experience.


If you read business books, you will notice that the advice coming from Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and others, at times seems to contradict each other.  In one book, they will talk about having a long term plan and waiting for decades.  In another, they will advocate action first, thinking later. And the next one, will ask you to just get out there, talk and make it happen.

The reason why the advice is contradictory is because each of these business icons are on their respective path. They started and built their business, following their path, that is personal to them.

Once you appreciate that you bring your talents, knowledge, skills and experience, to your path, you can make decisions that work for you and leverage your strengths on the path.

You don’t have to be anyone else but yourself on the path to start and build your business.

Powerful Execution

Starting a business comes with never ending obstacles on the path. For example, has this ever happened in your business:  You are passionate, ethical and competent. You are working hard. Yet when you meet potential clients, they constantly, doubt you and the business. Despite your best efforts, the potential client carries a lingering doubt about

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emotions, adventure, vacations

Financial freedom

What does financial freedom mean for an entrepreneur? From experience working with entrepreneurs, they often mention having lots and lots of money, never having to work again (unless they want to) and not worrying about money in their life. There is no universal meaning of financial freedom. Rather there are two dominant meanings attached to

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road, coast, cliff

Making a difference

We live in a country that is globally seen fairly, having an advanced economy on the continent, and well ahead of our regional neighbors. We live in a country that is blessed with beautiful weather, abundant natural resources and warm hospitality. We live in a country that is increasingly failing to fulfill the promise of

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inequality, poverty, homeless

Unemployment Crisis

Generally, hitting new highs is always great news. Except when it comes to unemployment in South Africa.  We keep reaching new record levels of unemployment, with no end in sight. The reality on the ground is far worse than the official statistics, pointing to an unfolding nightmare for millions of South Africans. With COVID-19, more

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Load shedding is good business

When load shedding first started, many years ago, we never imagined that it would become part of our daily life. It has become normal to expect load shedding, follow updates and plan our lives around it. In the darkest hour, there is always a light on the path. While load shedding is terrible for business

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Love and Work

Do you love the work you do? Or does it feel like a slog, an endless grind that you go through day after day? Are you absolutely in love with doing what you do. even when it involves things that are difficult? Do you love making a difference in the lives of others, your boss,

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