Talk to any entrepreneur and you quickly realise how many hats they wear. On any given day, the entrepreneur is 

  • CEO
  • Sales Executive
  • Debtors clerk
  • Tech support3
  • HR manager33
  • Operations
  • Firefighter 🙂

There is a famous African proverb, that if you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.  Surrounding yourself, with the right people, who bring the right knowledge, skills and expertise, is crucial to your success. Not to mention, keeping you sane in the business.


While many entrepreneurs would love to have a team supporting them, unfortunately, they can’t due to the financial cost of doing so.

To employ an accountant,  sales executive, administrator and other people, often comes with a cost, that entrepreneurs cannot afford.  Often, this means, it is back to wearing many hats on your own, and hoping that one day, it will end.

The Opportunity

What if it was possible to have a Virtual SME Team support your business, bringing the right people, with the right knowledge and skills, at the right fee, that works for you?

How would it change your business and your life?

Firstly, it gives you the gift of time. Time that you can use to work on the business, instead of in it. Time that you can use for taking care of yourself, your spouse/partner and children.

Secondly, it can increase revenue, profit and cash flow. A Virtual Team can chase after sales, monitor your numbers and alert you to changes.

Thirdly, having a team on board, gives you a 360 degree view of the business. It establishes the foundation for building business systems and processes. 

Fourthly, having a Virtual SME Team can be cheaper than employing permanent staff.  And you are getting higher expertise for a fraction of the cost, of employing each person on the team.

Finally, it removes the legal risks that come with employing staff, while guaranteeing performance.

In closing, Tony Robbins says, “The past does not equal your future”.  It is possible to get a Virtual SME Team to support you in starting and building the business you dream of.

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