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Let’s be honest: most entrepreneurs manage their business on the basis of me, myself and I.  They don’t have a clear, documented and operational system in place to manage the business, without them. 

Study any business that is failing, and inevitably, one will find, it is linked to the existing systems or the lack of it. Study any human endeavour that is successful, whether it is landing man on the moon or serving fries at Macdonalds, and you will find a system behind it.


When a corporate decides to fill a position, do you think they:

a)   Wake one morning, decide they need to fill position X and advertise it, taking a guess, it should be R30000 per month and hope somebody applies?

b)   Use a system to decide what position has to be filled, who they want, by when and what they prepared to pay? 

Maybe today, you start creating a system on your path to success.


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