Exclusively for South African Stokvels

According to the National Stokvel Association of South Africa, there are 800 000+ stokvel groups throughout the country.  The essence of a stokvel is that people come together, pool their funds towards a common purpose and share the benefits. Stokvels are an effective vehicle for investments, assets, business and life events. 

Chart Your Path for Stokvels Programme is designed for starting and developing a sustainable stokvel, with emphasis on investments, assets or business. It exclusively focuses on the common challenges experienced by Stokvels and provides a path for the group to succeed.  Chart Your Path for Stokvels ensures no member is left behind, whether it is emotionally, financially or contribution to the stokvel.

How it works

1.  Join Chart Your Path for Stokvels on a month to month basis.

2. Each month the stokvel gets access to 1 of the modules below. You choose the module for the month.

3. All members of the stokvel get access to the module.

4. Members go through the module

  • Complete simple “missions” (exercises) 
  • Discuss on the private online group forum

5. In the last week of the module, Yusuf runs a live training session for your stokvel to discuss the module, address issues facilitate the stokvel in making informed decisions. All members can attend.

6. Formalise the decisions in your stokvel, using your existing process

7. All members have access to the module for 12 months to go back to. New members get access to the module to ensure they are on the same page as other members.


  • Exclusively for stokvels
  • Up-skill all members
  • Reduce conflict between members
  • Make decisions that members understand
  • Make decisions in the best interest of the stokvel
  • Improve stokvel governance and management
  • Learn and apply it in the stokvel in 1 month
  • Grow together on the path for your stokvel
  • Retain members, and drive consistent contributions 
  • Flexible, no contracts
  • One fee covers all members
  • Start with the module that is most appropriate


Stokvel Startup I

Identify, assess & select the right members to achieve the desired outcomes

Stokvel Startup II

Identify, assess & select the right members to achieve the desired outcomes

Compelling Constitution

Create a constitution that ensures a sustainable, well managed stokvel for members


Generate, assess and select business idea(s) that are appropriate for the stokvel

Low Cost Ideas

Generate and test low cost ideas that are appropriate for the stokvel

Business Opportunities

Pre-selected business opportunities for a stokvel to explore further (Coming Soon)

Member Finances

Enable stokvel members to manage personal finances better and maintain stokvel contributions

Stokvel Finances 1

Responsibly managing the finances of the stokvel to grow and create benefits for member

Stokvel Finances 2

Responsibly managing the finances of the stokvel to grow and create benefits for member

Engaged Members

Get members excited, bring their best to the stokvel and create impact for the stokvel

Powerful Members

Minimise conflict between stokvel members, while supporting diverse opinions and contributions

Doing Business in SA

Post COVID-19 understand the SA environment for business & how the stokvel can succeed


Please email me for a quote

Type of Stokvel

Chart Your Path for Stokvels Programme is best for stokvels that want to

  • Invest in assets 
  • Start a business


The stokvel has to join on behalf of their members. Individual members cannot join.


Yes, you can choose which modules you want to do each month.

Each module takes between 2 – 4 weeks for all members in the stokvel to complete

If you attend a business course or workshop, it is usually created for the individual that wants to start and build a business. Chart Your Path for Stokvels is designed for the stokvel, to support your members on the path, as a group, not as an individual.


Chart Your Path for Stokvels grants access to all members of your stokvel for a low fee. The stokvel is responsible for the fee.

Generally, each module will take between 4-8 hours per month


It is highly recommended that all members of the stokvel complete the module. Remember they have 12 months access to do so.


The text content is available in

  • Afrikaans
  • English
  • Sesotho
  • Xhosa
  • Zulu

The audio content is only available in English

Yes, it is free to do so. Just email us details


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