Each year thousands of people aspire to start a business. Except that they never start.

Here’s why

  • They don’t have funding for the business
  • They don’t have time and energy
  • They don’t know how to start


Who can join?

Startlify is suitable for any person that wants to start a new, part time business within 30 days*

* Subject to you being accepted

What do you get?

  • Chart Your Path for Entrepreneurs 101 Programme online to start this business and any other business in future
  • Your first new business that is guaranteed to succeed
  • Ongoing support


Entrepreneur Benefits

Participating entrepreneurs benefit from the following



You are getting to start a business that is guaranteed to succeed for just R 500 R 200 per month plus you will increase your business knowledge, skills and experience.


I’m confident that with Startlify, you can start a new business that makes money.  I guarantee your business success. But don’t take my word for it. Join, participate for 12 months and if do not fully recover your investment, you are welcome to email me for a full refund. And you get to keep all the benefits that you received.


You should have a smartphone and at least 1GB data per month

If you are looking to start a business using your existing business idea or you want to work on your existing business, please read and apply through the Chart Your Path Incubator here  Startlify will not work for you. In the Incubator, we work with entrepreneurs on their existing business idea or their existing business
A New Business
If you want to start a NEW business part time, then Startlify can work for you.

No, this is not a quick-rich scheme. It is not going to make millions. With Startlify, you could start a business that generates between R 10 000 to R 100 000 per annum for you.

With Startlify, you can start a business that is guaranteed to succeed, for just R 500 R 200 per month. Now let’s be honest, what does R 200 get one these days for a business? Maybe some business cards? If you really want to join and can’t afford it, then there are two things to consider:

(1)  What can you do right now to get or earn R 200?

(2)  How long will it take you to save R 200? 

Drop me an email to let me know if you are doing (1) or (2), and I will keep you spot open for you up to 60 days.






Besides the monthly fee of R 200, there are no additional costs.

No, you can operate as a sole proprietor

While it is flexible, it is recommended you dedicate at least 1-2 hours per week.


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