Non-compliance with POPI could mean jail time or a R10m fine

The Provision of Personal Information Act comes into effect shortly. It applies to all business. And there is zero exemption for SMME’s. As a small business, you are expected to comply fully in the same way as a large business.

Now to become POPI compliant could easily cost a small business, anywhere from R 5000 to R 50000. Let’s be upfront: most entrepreneurs are struggling just to stay in business and can’t afford those fees just to become compliant. Unless you are a legal professional, doing it yourself can be difficult and time consuming.

Join me to become POPI compliant in your business

I’m planning to run a Simplified POPI course for SMME’s to become compliant. I will share simple, cheap and easy strategies, specifically designed for a small business to comply.  

You will be able to implement what I’m doing or planning to do in my business, to become POPI compliant in yours too. 


  • Now to be clear, I’m not providing legal advice in this course. So if you have specific POPI challenges, you should consult a legal professional for your situation instead.
  • Since I’m only covering adults, if your business deals with children, then this course will not be suitable for you.

But if you just want to get the basics covered in your business to keep yourself safe and compliant, then this course is for you.


The course runs from 5th July until Saturday, 10th July.  You will have access for a further 12 months to the course as well.

Express Interest

Providing this course takes considerable time, effort, cost and expertise on my part. 

Please send me an email, to yusuf.mahomedy@gmail.com with “Simplified POPI” in the subject line and the following information.

  1. Brief description of your existing business
  2. Annual revenue
  3. What you would be willing to pay for this course to become POPI compliant?

A: Nil

B: R 575

C: R 805

D: R 1150

E: R 2300 

F: R 3450

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