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There are infinite paths that you can take to start and build a business.  Yet few will lead to success. Many entrepreneurs struggle with direction on their path. They work incredibly hard, only to end up lost and going in the wrong direction.


Have you ever been lost in Johannesburg?   Well most of us have been lost at some point.  But have you ever been so lost, that you drove out of Johannesburg and landed in Bloemfontein?   That is the situation of most SMME’s.  They are lost in Bloemfontein, asking for street directions to Johanesburg and wondering why they are not getting results

If you are struggling endlessly in your business, check your direction.   

Powerful Execution

Starting a business comes with never ending obstacles on the path. For example, has this ever happened in your business:  You are passionate, ethical and competent. You are working hard.

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Financial freedom

What does financial freedom mean for an entrepreneur? From experience working with entrepreneurs, they often mention having lots and lots of money, never having to work again (unless they want

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Making a difference

We live in a country that is globally seen fairly, having an advanced economy on the continent, and well ahead of our regional neighbors. We live in a country that

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Unemployment Crisis

Generally, hitting new highs is always great news. Except when it comes to unemployment in South Africa.  We keep reaching new record levels of unemployment, with no end in sight.

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Load shedding is good business

When load shedding first started, many years ago, we never imagined that it would become part of our daily life. It has become normal to expect load shedding, follow updates

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Love and Work

Do you love the work you do? Or does it feel like a slog, an endless grind that you go through day after day? Are you absolutely in love with

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