Invest in high potential SMME's

We work with entrepreneurs and their business every day. 

We regularly come across high potential small and medium businesses in South Africa. 

While they have considerable opportunities, they require access to funding.

Through our Chart Your Path Incubator, we are creating a consortium of investors that can

  • Invest in a portfolio of SMME’s
  • Target minimum 15% annual return
  • Generate annual dividend on your investment from 2022 onwards
  • Benefit from capital growth over 5 years

Risk Profile

While investing in SMME’s is high risk, our risk profile will be reduced. This is achieved through the following:

  •  Very stringent selection process of SMME’s only in South Africa
  •  SMME is placed in our Incubator/Accelerator where we provide direct support
  •  Critical functions of the SMME (e.g. finance) are managed by our team
  •  Ongoing stringent performance management of the SMME
  •  Various structuring models are used
  • Minimum investment period is 5 years
  • Co-funding with institutional players where applicable

Express Interest

Express interest to join the Consortium from as little as R 10 000 or more. Please note that you must already have the funds by 1 May 2021 and must not take out a loan for it.  

You will be a registered shareholder in the private holding company, that invests in SMME’s

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