Let's Do Business

Hosted by Yusuf Mahomedy, at each Chart Your Path for Entrepreneurs Engage Event, we meet online in a private, personalised setting to have real conversations, inspire each other and do business. 

Chart Your Path for Entrepreneurs – Engage Events are designed for entrepreneurs to

  • Connect with entrepreneurs
  • Introduce their business
  • Have a meaningful, valuable conversation
  • Promote their products & services
  • Get their future customers or partners

How it works

When attend the live event, you are automatically allocated to an online table with other entrepreneurs.

Using audio and/or video, you can network with those at the table. You can stay at the table for the duration of the event or move from one table to the next, to meet other entrepreneurs.

You are welcome to exchange contact details and follow up after the event as well.


Single Ticket: R 200 R 75 per person per event (save 62.5%)

Annual Ticket: R 480 per person for 10 events (save 80%)


  • Saturday, 18 July, 10h00 
  • Saturday, 25 July, 10h00
  • Saturday, 15 August, 10h00

Pre-launch tickets on first come, first paid basis. Right of admission is reserved.


  • Computer
  • Desktop
  • Smart phone

Google Chrome is recommended

Yes, you can send them a private message with contact details during the event

No refunds are given. No recording is available



While you are free to discuss any business opportunities, challenges, your products and more, we also provide suggestions.

No, we are here to do business 🙂

Yes, during the pre-launch period, following discounts are available:

Normal fee for an event is R 200 per person. You can attend for just R 75 (save 62.5%)

Normal fee for 10 events is R 2400. You can attend for just R 480 (save 80%)


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