I want to thank you for being in my professional network, being part of the Chart Your Path WA Group and/or corresponding with me in the past year. As you are aware, I consistently share business inspiration, opportunities, resources with entrepreneurs for free. Over the years, countless entrepreneurs have found it valuable in their business.

Let’s be honest

Starting and building a business in South Africa is incredibly tough. And it is a lonely path for most entrepreneurs. You come up against never ending obstacles, whether it is access to funding, access to market, sales, operations, staffing, compliance or more. It never ends.  Many entrepreneurs struggle in silence. It’s “me, myself and I” trying to start and build a business. And when they do reach out to others, on Whatsapp groups, Facebook groups, often, they don’t even know the entrepreneurs or whether they can work with them. Some entrepreneurs spend their time with people that shoot down their dreams, sabotage their efforts and negatively influence them.

Let’s grow together as a community

Now more than ever, it is crucial to surround oneself with likeminded entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs that are ambitious and determined to succeed against the odds. Entrepreneurs wanting to forge relationships with others. Entrepreneurs that understand the value of a community, where they connect, learn and grow together. Entrepreneurs that want to become stronger and on their path, supported by others.

If you found value from all the free stuff that I provide, well that is just the beginning. There is so much more we can do together to start, build and grow your business. Today, I want to share with you an exclusive opportunity, for us to work more closely on your business, surrounded by a community of entrepreneurs.

The Chart Your Path Community is a private, community to learn, network, market and build your business with entrepreneurs from across the country. Plus get access to opportunities, you won’t find anywhere else to earn more and grow your business in the year ahead. 



Profile & Business Directory Listing

Community members listed. Directory promoted to more than 8000+ people

Promote Products/Services

Promotion with the Community

Community Sessions

Monthly sessions hosted by Yusuf to learn, network and grow

Business & Funding

Access business, JV & funding opportunities

Earning opportunity

Opportunity for a new income stream

Real Networking

Forge relationships with entrepreneurs

Is the Chart Your Path Community for you?

Now to be clear, the Chart Your Path Community is definitely not for everyone. 

Firstly, you should have a business idea or an existing business. Secondly, you should be ethical, committed to doing their best work and want to make money in your business.  Thirdly, you should be 100% serious about the business idea or existing business. You really want to make it work.

Fourthly, while you may work individually, you appreciate the value of being in a community. You want to join Yusuf Mahomedy and other entrepreneurs on the path. Finally, you willing to invest some time and money, to acquire the knowledge, access the opportunities and progress with the community.

Bonus - Business Opportunities Fair

As a Community Member you will get free access to the Business Opportunities Fair (valued R 1500), over here


Chart Your Path Community

R 250 p.m.
  • Profile
  • Business Directory Listing
  • Promote products/services
  • Real networking
  • Micro business videos
  • Earning opportunity
  • Community Learning Sessions
  • Access business & funding opportunities
  • Bonus: Business Opportunities Fair
Save 50%
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