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Virtual Team

  Building a virtual team that consistently wins, day after day is easier said than done. While COVID-19 forced many business to work remotely, it did not automatically mean their team is performing better.  Challenges and Solutions Unlikely the team in your physical office,  there are several challenges with a virtual team Firstly, they are

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Team & Value

Traditional Team Traditionally, when entrepreneurs thought about their team, it was about hiring permanent employees. You would hire a recruitment agent or advertise a position. You collect CV’s. You interview candidates. You make an offer. You hire 1. The next day when they walk into your business, you discover that the person you thought you

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Build Your Team

  Building a winning team, much like many other endeavours, is an inside job.  The entrepreneur does not roll off bed one day and decide to employ people, just because he needs companionship. Rather  the entrepreneur knows that a team must be in place for him to achieve his goal over the long term. The

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Working 200%

Start up entrepreneurs are blissfully unaware of what lies ahead. They are counting on their qualifications, skills and experience to get them through the path ahead. They have dreams – doing what they love, finding financial freedom, regaining independence and making a difference in the lives of others. Established entrepreneurs are unhappy. Not that they

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Get Work Experience

South Africa has an astronomical unemployment rate. It does not matter whether we use the official statistics (25%/30%+) or the reality on the ground (60%+), unemployment, especially when comes to the youth is well recognised in the country. Chicken and egg It is a chicken and egg story. You are studying and don’t have work

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Small Business – Interview Questions

So you are planning to hire an employee in your small business? These days there are literally thousands of questions that you could ask in the interview. Here are valuable interview questions to get started Tell me about yourself? (Then drill deeper!) Why do you want to work for our business? What do you know

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