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Are you running a business and using an accountant to prepare the financial statements? Today I want to share an exclusive opportunity to change your financial future.

Traditional accountant and your business

The accountant is one of the most important people on your team.  They should bring considerable financial knowledge, skill and experience to the business.  Most accountants complete the financial statements and/or tax returns, and consider their work is completed.  Yet there is so much more to be done.

When last, did your accountant check-in on how you and the business was doing?  And support you to go higher? Truth, it that many accountants don’t truly care about the success of your business. If you have an accountant, and you are still struggling to manage your finances, it is time to make a change.

Chart Your Path

If you have followed Chart Your Path and the work I’m doing with entrepreneurs, then you already know (1) I’m a Chartered Accountant and (2)  I truly care about you and the business. You can read reviews of my work here

If you decide today to change accountants, it will be the start of changing your financial future as well.

Exclusive: Up to R 30 000 free business development to build your business

Change your accountant by not later than 31st September and access Chart Your Path Business Development, up to R 30 000 for free. Subject to assessment, it can include a combination of programmes, business systems, mentoring or experiences. 

Change Your Accountant to access the following

Virtual Finance Director

You will get a dedicated Chartered Accountant from my team, bringing high level expertise to your business

Access to Funding

Exclusive opportunities for clients where our accountant prepares the financial statements

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Funding Letter

When you apply for funding, we prepare a letter that goes with the business plan to support you

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Comprehensive Services

We provide end to end services including accounting, tax, payroll and more

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Grow Your Business

Financial consultations to review business performance, identify obstacles and grow the business

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Chart Your Path
Business Development

Up to R 30 000 of business development for FREE. Includes programmes, business systems, mentoring or experiences.

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