Are you struggling to access the corporate market?


Are you running an established business with annual revenue over R 5 million?

Do you provide business to business (B2B) services?

Are you focused on the private sector, especially listed or large companies?

Persistent obstacle

While you may have done considerably well in your business up to now, getting access to the corporate market remains a persistent obstacle on your path. I often come across entrepreneurs that have done “everything” to access the corporate market and are disappointed with their results. They have a slick website. They have online banner advertising. They wrote articles. They took out radio and print adverts. They tried cold calling. They employed and trained their sales staff. They read lots of marketing books and attended courses. And watched Youtube marketing videos. Plus lots more. To date they spent considerable time and effort, without getting the desired results.

The Next Level

Now, to be clear, it is possible to start and build a sustainable business without having corporate clients. You could focus your resources on B2G (business to government) or B2C (business to consumer) markets instead and that is fine too.

But if you are serious about getting into corporates, then you have two options.

(A)  Continue doing what you currently do. 

(B)  Consider a dramatic change in the way you market to the corporate market. You realise that you need personalised  support to take your business forward into the corporate market.

Chart Your Path Accelerator

How does it work?

Using our proprietary approach, we work closely with you and/or your sales staff to access the corporate market. 

Our work includes inter alia

  • Working together online three times a week
  • Personalised assessments
  • Significant changes to your marketing and sales strategy
  • We walk with you step by step on the path into the corporate market
  • Customised experiences for you & your sales staff that change how you market and sell to corporates
  • Face to face experiences  
  • Access and use of marketing tools
  • Dedicated virtual assistant support for selected marketing activities 
  • Changes in the marketing and sales systems 
  • Access opportunities to engage the corporate market
  • Monitoring and evaluation of results 

What can you expect?

Ideally, you should be selling services to the corporate market that run into tens and hundreds of thousands of rand each year.

Within 60 days of working with us

  • You and the sales staff will feel energized like never before.
  • The business makes quantifiable progress in the corporate market.

Imagine what it would mean if your business developed a portfolio of corporate clients. How would it influence the future of your business? What decisions would you make differently, going forward, knowing you had corporate clients in your corner? 

Next Step

To explore further, please email the following:

1.  Why do you want to access the corporate market?

2. Annual revenue in the corporate market for each of the past 3 years

3. What are the top 3 specific obstacles that you believe are holding you back in to the corporate market?

4. What is your sales target for the corporate market over the next 12 months?

5. What is the minimum R sales value? 

6. How many sales staff do you employ?

7. What are the top 5 marketing channels you are currently using to access the corporate market?

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